Darren Hunt | Profile
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Darren Hunt


A man of cultivated style and wisdom. Darren’s unwavering commitment to the building industry has seen him move from high-end builds to budget builds. His keen eye has seen him keep Darren Hunt Homes at the forefront of the building industry for the past 30 years.



Natalie Hunt


A lifelong member of the building industry. Natalie has been connecting the dots between concept, design and construction. She helps clients discover creativity of design and reality and the wonderful things that can happen when they meet. Natalie is obsessed with ideas and new products.


The Team


While we are a building company that prides ourselves on quality, trust and integrity that’s been around for 30 years, we believe in the importance of our subcontractors. That’s because we are a family owned and operated business just like our clients.


Our difference


  • Our history is born out of merging design and construction. Our designs are intelligent, creative and highly practical.
  • You deal directly with the architect/draftsman for the duration of your design service, not just the initial early concept phase.
  • Each home is individually designed and tailored to your lifestyle, site and budget. It starts with a detailed brief and blank piece of paper.
  • Our cost support processes ensure projects are drawn to budget; providing you with complete peace of mind.
  • Our services can be individually tailored to suit


Our plans


Meet John Gatley. A established and trusted building company in the Bundaberg and Wide Bay region, John has more than 25 years experience in the building design industry. A company backed by a comprehensive knowledge of structural engineering and licensed construction practices. Phone 41531180 www.gatleybuildingdesign.com.au